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    Portland is a city with a distinct and proud food culture. The Roost by Capers aims to bolster this reputation with an exciting menu highlighting locally sourced foods, wines, beers and spirits.  These selections will change seasonally in order to reflect the evolving tastes of the PDX traveler. Not only will the full-service restaurant and bar provide a distinctly ‘Portland’ experience; so too will the adjacent Marketplace. The Marketplace will feature an extensive grab and go section featuring freshly made prepared meals, breakfast items, and sustainably packaged beverages. Rounding off this experience, made to order to-go items, locally made foods, and regional wines will be available for purchase. While waiting for to-go orders, customers can lounge on the comfortable banquettes adjacent to the condiment and utensil counter. This counter will feature recessed compartments filled with sustainable service items.  The Roost by Capers is very proud to present a curated selection of Portland’s best consumable goods. Local food and beverage brands will have a chance to be represented at PDX in a world class setting.
    The open, inviting, storefront has two entrances, giving customers an easy-to-navigate option of visiting the Marketplace or full-service restaurant and bar.  Two storefront options are presented. The first option proposes pulling the storefront back from the lease line, creating more space from the adjacent column in order to create more visibility from the concourse and hold room. The added benefit of this is the opportunity of merchandising in front of the façade, giving the market place a truly ‘outdoor market’ feel that blurs the boundaries between concourse and concession. Design option two puts the storefront at the lease line for a more traditional concessions look. Both versions offer wide views into the entire space, making navigating the different concepts intuitive. 
    If a traveler has time for the full-service experience, they can choose to be seated at the ‘diner’, the bar, or the main dining room. Each of these options offers exciting views, individual finish palettes, and different experiences. The ‘diner’ faces a curated view of the kitchen where they can see chefs preparing meals. The bar will offer televisions for sports and it also faces the large window wall with views to beyond. The main dining room is perched above the concourse, escalators, and hold room below for an ideal people watching experience.   All walkways in the dining room offer ample space for passengers with carry-on luggage. The bar and ‘diner’ will offer charging stations and purse hooks at every seat. 
     The Roost by Capers will feature a design and material palette that will evoke the local character of Portland and the Northwest. The entry portal and ceiling is framed in reclaimed, local timber that speaks to the industry and architecture of the area. More dark wood is featured in the flooring design. As a contrast to the dark wood tones, bright white subway tile, navy penny rounds, vintage red concrete tiles, and locally sourced reclaimed brick create a contemporary, warm, palette. Calacatta quartz and brass accents throughout are incorporated to provide a classic touch. The color scheme is also carefully chosen to pay homage to the French roots of the Capers brand. Other accents include thoughtful lighting, such as cove lighting, under counter lighting, and recessed spots to highlight products, signage and focal points. 
    Rounding off the experience is a commitment to LEED certification and features locally and sustainably sourced materials, materials of high or total recycled content, very low or no VOC paints or stains, energy efficient LED lighting and Energy Star rated kitchen equipment. In addition, the design complies with all elements of Exhibit G, the shell space delivery matrix. 
    Complimenting the top-quality local food and beverage selection, the sophisticated blending of vibrant tile, wood finishes, luminous stone, brass, and reclaimed brick work together to create a contemporary space that entice the eye as well as the palate. 


Schematic design for RFP competition





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