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Project and Images produced during previous employment  

    Orlando is a multi-faceted community comprised of several distinct, unique  neighborhoods. Main Streets Market featuring Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bros. Bagels aims to represent this aspect of Orlando through it’s design and merchandise offerings.  Main Streets Market is very proud to present a curated selection of Orlando’s best local goods. Small Orlando businesses will have a chance to be represented in the airport in a way previously not possible.
    The storefront has two entry portals, giving customers an easy-to-navigate option of visiting the retail or food service component first. The interior circulation encourages visting both components once inside, but is conveniently served by two points of sale for those in a hurry.  The general path of foot traffic allows the passer-by to easily see the grab & go coolers, the merchandise displays, as well as the fresh coffee and bagel service.  Enter the Main Streets Market first to peruse books, magazines, local goods, as well as a variety of packaged snacks and beverages. If patrons enter directly to the Caribou Coffee & Einstein Bros. Bagels, they can choose from a grab & go stocked with fresh sandwiches and salads before ordering a made to order coffee, fresh bagels and baked treats.
     Main Streets Market will feature a design and material palette that will evoke the local character of Orlando neighborhoods in a fresh, contemporary way. The entry portals are a modern take on smaller scale residential architecture. Interiors feature a palette in whites, blues, and greens to evoke a coastal lifestyle and is also reminiscent of Florida’s deco architecture, while pops of yellow and black add contrast and energy. The white painted shiplap ceiling creates an airy, fresh quality to the space.  Pendants throughout the add a mid-century touch that speaks to another period of the architectural history of Florida.  Calacatta marble look quartz and brass accents throughout are incorporated to provide a luxurious, classic touch. The gold palm trees on the back wall and palm leaf decor are a nod to the landscapes of Orlando. Other accents include thoughtful lighting, such as cove lighting, under counter lighting, and recessed spots to highlight products and focal points. 
    Rounding off the experience is a committment to LEED certification and features  locally and sustainably sourced materials, materials of high or total recycled content, very low or no VOC paints or stains, energy efficient LED lighting and Energy Star rated kitchen equipment. 
Complimenting the top quality food and retail selection ,the sophisticated blending of modern tiles, wood finishes, subway tile,  luminous stone, brass, and shiplap work together to create a contemporary space that entice the eye as well as the palate. 




RFP winning schematic design


Orlando, FL



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