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Project and Images produced during previous employment  

San Francisco is a city of diversity, creativity, and innovation. This Silicon Valley Magazine 
anchored multi-concept retail space bolsters this reputation with an exciting variety of news, gifts, 
snacks, candy and luxury cosmetics. This concept provides a completely new experience while 
still offering brands and products shoppers love. Design highlights include back-loaded coolers 
with sustainably packaged items so that the restocking process is hidden from sight. Another 
innovation is the Bevi water cooler H2O station which allows travelers to select a reusable water 
bottle and choose from a variety of water options. Te Beauty Studio by Jellysmack is thoughtfully 
integrated between the beauty concepts and Natalie’s Candy Jar and will serve as an interactive 
beauty education tool.   
The open, inviting storefront features openings on two elevations giving customers a 
expansive view of the interior from the adjacent hold room and the people mover. Once on the 
people mover, open views to the interior create visual interest. The news and gift entrance is placed 
at the end of the people mover so that travelers don’t need to backtrack in order to enter the space.   
Large , ADA compliant walkways in the front-of-house offer ample space for passengers with 
carry-on luggage. 
Silicon Valley Magazine multi-concept will feature a design and material palette that will 
evoke modern luxury. Traditionally luxurious finishes, such as marble, bronze and hardwood 
are given a contemporary aesthetic with thoughtful accent lighting and geometric shapes. 
Other accents include thoughtful cove lighting, under counter lighting, and recessed spots to 
highlight products, signage and focal points. 
This project will adhere to SFO’s sustainability guidelines with the inclusion of materials 
with high recycled content, local and/or sustainably-harvested materials, very low or no VOC 
paints and stains, daylight and energy-efficient lighting systems and controls, highly efficient 
HVAC systems and energy star rated equipment. 
Complimenting the top-quality merchandise, the sophisticated blending of luminous 
stone, lighting accents, and warm metals work together to create a contemporary space that 
entice the eye and welcome the traveler. 






Schematic Design


Winning proposal for SFO T3

multi concept retail



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