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Project and Images produced during previous employment  



    Los Angeles is a city of diversity, creativity, and celebrity. Playa Provisions bolsters this reputation with an exciting menu highlighting locally sourced foods, house-made ice creams, full bar, and fresh baked goods by Top Chef Winner Brooke Williamson and husband Nick Roberts.  These selections will change seasonally in order to reflect the evolving tastes of the LAX traveler. Not only will the full-service restaurant and bar provide a distinctly  ‘Los Angeles’ experience, so too will the adjacent marketplace and scoop shop . Aside from artisan ice cream,  the marketplace will feature an extensive grab and go selection featuring freshly made prepared meals, breakfast items, and sustainably packaged beverages. While enjoying ice cream, customers can lounge on the bench with integrated table tops. This table also doubles as a stantion for organized  queuing off concourse. This is conveniently located near the condiment and utensil counter. This counter will feature recessed compartments filled with sustainable service items.  
    The open, inviting storefront has two portals, giving customers the option of visiting the marketplace or full-service restaurant and bar.  If a traveler has time for the full-service experience, they can choose to be seated at the the bar or the main dining room. The dining room offers views of the tarmac and the grand entrance lobby. The bar will offer televisions as well as the aforementioned views.  All walkways in the dining room offer ample space for passengers with carry-on luggage. The bar will offer charging stations and purse hooks at every seat. 
     Playa Provisions LAX will feature a design and material palette that will evoke the character of the original establishment while re-imagining it for a downtown feel. The dark and light wood contrast remains, with pops of colorful pastels throughout. While the original location has a decidedly ‘beachy’ vibe, this location has taken the relaxed lines and formalized them for a more urban, downtown feel.  
Calacatta quartz and pastel accents throughout are incorporated to provide playful relief to the stark contrast of dark and light wood. Other accents include thoughtful cove lighting, under counter lighting, and recessed spots to highlight products, signage and focal points. 
    This project will adhere strictly to LADBS’ Green Building Code and will institute a demolished material recycling program. Whenever possible the project will use materials with high recycled content, local and/or sustainably-harvested materials, very low or no VOC paints and stains, daylight and energy-efficient lighting systems and controls, highly efficient HVAC systems and energy star rated equipment. 
    Complimenting the top-quality local food and beverage selection, the sophisticated blending of wood finishes, luminous stone, and pastels work together to create a contemporary space that entice the eye as well as the palate. 


Schematic design for RFP competition





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