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Natalie Milberg


Natalie Milberg started N.O. Studio  in 2016 after more than a decade in the design and development world. Natalie has been in the interior design and architecture field since 2004 when she graduated from SCI-ARC with a Masters in Architecture. She began her professional career at a boutique architecture firm, Yeh + Jerrard, designing custom homes. Following that role, she accepted an opportunity with Frank Gehry where she was on the team responsible for designing the Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas. 
While passionate about design, she also wanted to be more involved in development. In 2006, she took a position at Wesfield in order to learn how design and development could be accomplished by one entity. Once there, a Masters of Real Estate Development was her next objective. She obtained this degree while maintaining employment at Westfield. 
With a new perspective in regards to the relationship between development and design, she was able to lead Westfield’s redevelopment efforts in Tenant Coordination for two dining terrace projects as well as several other mini developments. She also spearheaded the criteria for the Century City redevelopment .
Problem solving is one of her strongest skills and that works in her favor when negotiating the objectives of budget and design. Her strong work ethic is evident in the quality and attention to detail she puts forth in her work. 

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