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Project and Images produced during previous employment  

Hops & Grapes East and West are a contemporary and convenient option for the busy traveller. While serving a limited menu of to-go beers and wines, these self contained kiosks are sure to attract attention . The bar face is composed of strips of copper in a chevron pattern which are illuminated from above. The rest of the counter is made from a calacatta style quartz solid surface, which is extremely durable yet retains the luminous qualities of real stone. The custom made copper tubing armature provides structure for the wine display as well as the overhead lighting which is decorative and task lighting all in one. 
Passengers have the option to purchase beer and wine and return to the holding rooms to enjoy their beverages, all the while having the service and fit out of an upscale bar. This will elevate the experience of waiting in the holding rooms in terms of style and experience. This also provides a service opportunity for the type of traveller who is more at ease in the boarding area while waiting for their flights.  





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