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    Mt. Hood Roasters is a beloved, local gem with a long tradition of artisanal roasted coffee. Their first airport location would be no different, acting as an ambassador to the quality local businesses that Oregon has to offer. Specialty coffees are the highlight of this location, however Mt. Hood Roasters is proud to offer delicious baked goods and a freshly made grab and go selection. All goods are sustainably packaged, and Mt. Hood Roasters is proud to use compostable coffee lids for convenience as well as conscience. 
    The storefront creates a sense of place without enclosing the space in the slightest. The main sign is carefully placed to be visible to escalator traffic and the concourse. Full height walls are proposed only for the back of house. This allows customers to see the entire concession and views to beyond. It also allows travelers to queue off concourse while perusing the thoughtfully recessed grab and go, pastry case, and merchandise offerings. The beverage pick-up area is ample and well within the lease line, keeping the concourse clear of disruption. Once an order is ready, a service counter is easily accessible with recessed compartments stocked with condiments and sustainable service items, compost, trash and recycling options. None of the case work abuts the glazing, providing thoughtful views into the space from the walkway beyond. Instead, three sides provide carefully constructed views to the coffee prep area where the baristas thoughtfully prepare beverages and chat with customers over beautiful foam art while still maintaining optimal efficiency. This configuration enables the artistry and friendly staff to shine through and truly sets this brand apart.    
    Travelers with a bit of time can choose one of the many seating types offered. Bar height tables, standard height tables, ADA seating and counters facing the concourse are available. All seating types have the added advantage of clear views to the hold room for up to the minute flight status updates as well as people watching opportunities. All walkways offer ample space for passengers with carry-on luggage. The counter seating will offer charging stations and purse hooks. 
     Mt. Hood Roasters is designed to feel like a modern take on a mountain retreat. A variety of wood textures, glazed brick, and industrial ‘chic’ pendants add a rustic flair, while pops of yellow and a modern design add contrast.  These colors and textures are also carefully chosen to hint at the culture and roots of the Mt. Hood Roasters brand. Authentic, high quality finishes are an allegory to the coffee and cuisine served.  Other accents include thoughtful lighting, such as cove lighting, under counter lighting, and recessed spots to highlight products, signage, and focal points. 
    Rounding off the experience is a commitment to LEED certification and features locally and sustainably sourced materials, materials of high or total recycled content, very low or no VOC paints or stains, energy efficient LED lighting and Energy Star rated kitchen equipment. In addition, the design complies with all elements of Exhibit G, the shell space delivery matrix. 
Complimenting the top-quality local food and beverage selection, the sophisticated blending of vibrant tile, wood finishes, luminous stone, brass, and reclaimed brick work together to create a contemporary space that entice the eye as well as the palate. 


Schematic Design


Portland, OR



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