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Project and Images produced during previous employment  

Downtown Los Angeles has a rich architectural, musical, and culinary history. Grand Vista salutes this tradition with a show-stopping design, live DJs, and exceptional cuisine.  The full bar will serve an exciting menu curated by some of LA’s most notable chefs. In addition to the seated service, there will also be a grab and go, completely within the lease line, offering freshly prepared meals and  beverages.  Another notable feature is the floating bar which faces outward and doubles as a DJ booth when live music is in order. This table acts as a branding zone and is framed with an architectural canopy that is sure to elevate the experience. 
    The airy canopy is impactful while allowing for clear views to the activity on the tarmac beyond. The program within the space is easy-to-navigate as well.  Bar seating is plentiful, with the option to watch TV on one of 6 flat screens. Those in a rush can visit the convenient grab and go which offers ample space for passengers with carry-on luggage. The bar will offer charging stations and purse hooks at every seat. 
     Grand Vista will feature a design and material palette that will evoke the character of  downtown Los Angeles. The dark and light stone provide contrast and a classic touch, while the bronze and mesh canopy is decidedly contemporary with an Art Deco influence.The Deco motif is reinforced with table top lamps, upholstered bar stools, and chevron accents. Other highlights include under-counter lighting, uplighting for the canopy, recessed LED bar lights, and recessed spots to highlight the bar, and elegant low profile signage. 
    This project will adhere strictly to LADBS’ Green Building Code and will institute a demolished material recycling program. Whenever possible the project will use materials with high recycled content, local and/or sustainably-harvested materials, very low or no VOC paints and stains, daylight and energy-efficient lighting systems and controls, highly efficient HVAC systems and energy star rated equipment. 






Schematic design for restaurant concept





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